IMG 7156 - London's festive sights 2017 - Southbank

Xmas is with us once again, in fact its just twelve days before the main day in question (though mind you this is not the traditional 12 days with partridges and pear trees!) Here’s the first of several posts showing selections from London’s Christmas sights.
Despite having taken photographs since Mid-November, its been hard as usual to decide what to feature and this year seems somewhat more difficult. Finally it seems there’s some method  to the madness!
IMG 7158 - London's festive sights 2017 - Southbank
Seven festive trees in a row….
This starts with the Royal Festival Hall’s xmas trees. There’s seven of these all with different themes. The one thing I especially like on these trees is the homage to the Festival of Britain 1951. Despite the huge interest and the fame that followed that particular festival, its very rare to see anyone these days paying homage to 1951.
IMG 7140 - London's festive sights 2017 - Southbank
The iconic Festival of Britain symbols
After all, the Royal Festival Hall, as it name implies, was one of the festival’s main centrepieces. One of the iconic symbols from 1951 can be seen on one of the main pillars just inside the building overlooking an exhibition area dedicated to the Festival of Britain.
These trees were decorated by Tatty Devine. Its not actually a person’s name but rather a company managed by Rosie Wolfenden and Harriet Vine. Details below.
IMG 7151 - London's festive sights 2017 - Southbank
Information panel about the Wintertime trees and Tatty Devine
IMG 7144 - London's festive sights 2017 - Southbank
The xmas trees with the Royal Festival Hall in background
IMG 7149 - London's festive sights 2017 - Southbank
There’s a gin tree too!
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