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As some of you will know, the famous Oktoberfest roller coaster the München (aka Olympia) Looping made a return to Hyde Park for this year’s Winter Wonderland. Publicity for Winter Wonderland in the London papers during the weeks running up to the November 17th opening night included pictures of the ride.
It seems it was known in early August the ride would be making a return to London. The theme park organisers put up this advert for the winter 2017 season that same month and the Munich Loop is clearly shown. Of course the ride could be seen going up in the couple of weeks before it opened as I ventured by bus along nearby Park Lane.
advert2017 - München Looping 3
Winter Wonderland advert published August 2017
I very briefly featured the München Looping the other day in a post on Winter Wonderland however the intention was to do another post dedicated to it and this is that very post! This year however I am focusing on more than just the people on the ride itself although that hasn’t been left out entirely. What follows is some of the pictures I took in November 2017.
DSC 0309 - München Looping 3
General view of the entire ride during the daytime
IMG 6120 - München Looping 3
Riders in the sky!
The München Looping or Munich Looping is so called only when the ride appears at Winter Wonderland. The name ties in with the main Bavarian theme seen throughout the park. Munich (or München) is of course the capital of Bavaria (or Bayern.)
olympia looping - München Looping 3
The ride when it is known as the Olympia Looping. Image source: Oktoberfest
The picture above showing the Olympia Looping gives a clue to how it becomes the München Looping! Roald Barth (the owners) are of course based in Munich so we have here Olympia Looping – Barth of Munich. For Winter Wonderland the ride’s home base city simply becomes the main name.
Last year at Winter Wonderland the ‘München’ was left on the green loop where it is usually. This seemed somewhat odd describing the ride as the Looping München. This year they moved it to the top of the blue loop in place of ‘Olympia’ and this year at least the ride describes itself correctly as the München Looping.
IMG 6155 - München Looping 3
Three of the park’s main rides in one picture! Shame I just couldnt get the ‘M’ in fully!
IMG 6182 - München Looping 3
Barth was difficult to get in from this angle!
Rudolf Barth and son are the ride’s owners. The Wild Maus (Wild Mouse) which I featured the other day is owned by the company too and this is in the park just round the corner from the loop. This page features an interview with Barth and this page features the company’s full list of rides (both are in German.)
IMG 6050 - München Looping 3
Munchen Looping riders on the descent leading to the blue loop
IMG 6022 - München Looping 3
About to do the big one full time! Thats the black loop
As I have mentioned elsewhere the black loop is the first and the biggest of the five. Because of the tight constraints of the site this loop is built with a traverse (a longer drop on the descent and a sideways transfer – in other words its part loop and part corkscrew.) This enables the cars to maintain the speeds necessary to reach the top of the next long incline for the next two loops (the blue and red) follow immediately.
On top of that it provides an excellent banked turn everybody loves. This is easily the fastest bit of the ride. Its also the hardest part of the ride to photograph and that is evident because I’ve rarely been able to capture images sharp enough. Other parts of the ride are no problem because the speeds are not as high.
The four smaller loops that follow (blue, red, green, yellow) are the traditional type of roller coaster loop. These are divided into two pairs with a pair of half chicanes in between to enable the cars’ momentum to be maintained.
Following these is a double chicane loop before a series of traditional big dippers and braking chicanes lead the ride back to its starting point.
The maximum speed attained is approximately 84 kilometres  or 54 miles per hour.
IMG 6164 - München Looping 3
Different perspective perhaps?
IMG 6248 - München Looping 3
The Munchen Looping seen from the other side of Winter Wonderland. This was a tight shot!
Generally the ride uses five cars per set however at the far more busy events such as Oktoberfest and Winter Wonderland seven cars per set are used.
IMG 5921 - München Looping 3
Eyes both wide shut and open for the biggest loop 🙂
Last year the ride’s visit to Winter Wonderland was the first time the München (Olympia) Looping had travelled outside of Europe (in other words an overseas trip!) This year at Winter Wonderland is the ride’s second such stint outside of mainland Europe.
There are some rumours the ride will soon reside permanently in a theme park in Germany due to the ever increasing costs of transporting such a huge structure. Its total weight is a massive 900 tons! So far the owners have managed to keep up its original role as the world’s largest travelling roller coaster.
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