IMG 5871fi - Winter Wonderland 2017

Winter Wonderland is back. Its official opening was on 17th November and it’ll be open everyday (except Xmas Day) until New Years Day.
Most of the popular rides are back and some new ones too. The layout this year is mainly similar to last year however the big difference this time is the inclusion of a huge Bavarian theme section, which has changed the western side of Winder Wonderland, meaning somewhat fewer rides this year.
DSC 0238 - Winter Wonderland 2017
The obligatory gnome! This year seems to have quite a few sculptures (more likely to be moulded plastic or fibre glass!) of different characters this year, the Bavarian village especially.
IMG 5872 - Winter Wonderland 2017
Each and every which way one enters Winter Wonderland there’s the obligatory malls full of stalls offering just about everything xmas related that can be thought of!
IMG 5889 - Winter Wonderland 2017
The rides do come eventually 🙂
DSC 0117 - Winter Wonderland 2017
There’s the usual horror and gore, though I think this kind of fright entertainment may be waning slightly with just a couple or so this time round.
IMG 5896 - Winter Wonderland 2017
A new feature – North Pole! Well at least we Londoners can now claim to have two North Poles 🙂
To add further we can also claim the same bus route – the number seven – serves BOTH of these North Poles too. Well almost! lol!
Note the tall tower behind the North Pole fun house. Its called the Winter Wonder View Tower. The website says its height is 80m although a notice in the booth at the entrance to the tower says 75m!
DSC 0101 - Winter Wonderland 2017
Close up of the revolving observation platform as it descends.
These revolving observation towers seem to come and go in popularity. Brighton has a new one and there’s a similar, if not quite so tall structure, at Weymouth. Other places such as Morcambe and Rhyl had these too although they have now been decommissioned or demolished. The idea is not new, it has existed since the 1890s when quite a number of Britain’s seaside resorts had the earliest examples of these towers.
DSC 0146 - Winter Wonderland 2017
The obligatory wild mouse ride! This is Wilde Maus XXL. Although this has been here before there seems to have been some major changes to the front area giving a few more fun options before revellers actually get to ride a ‘mouse.’
DSC 0156 - Winter Wonderland 2017
Speaking of the ‘wild mouse’ – there he is!
DSC 0129 - Winter Wonderland 2017A huge favourite and here for a second stint at Hyde Park is Rudolf Barth’s München Looping. Its fast, exciting and there are five loops in total.
The name München Looping (or in English Munich Looping) is only used at Winter Wonderland to fit in with the Bavarian theme of the other venues. The ride is known elsewhere as the Olympia Looping.
Compared to last year when it was on the green loop, the word München is now atop the blue loop.
The black loop is the first one and the biggest of them all. Then the blue and the red. And finally the green and the yellow. Thats the order they are taken. Some extremely fast chicanes come as part of the fun.
I wrote about this in detail for a post last year.
IMG 6008 - Winter Wonderland 2017Revellers enjoying the München Looping at Winter Wonderland 2017.
DSC 0166 - Winter Wonderland 2017For the kids there’s the usual childrens’ section and of course the circus. Zippos is here again this year with its big tent.
Near that is the ice sating rink. As always its built around the park’s bandstand and that makes a nice sort of centre piece island which everyone goes round clockwise.
As I have briefly mentioned, a huge section of the western side of Winter Wonderland is given over to a Bavarian theme. It cant be missed because there’s a huge giant right in the middle of it!
DSC 0168 - Winter Wonderland 2017
The giant from Bayern overlooking the huge Bavarian village.
DSC 0184 - Winter Wonderland 2017
Bopping to the music in the Bavarian village. There’s a DJ/MC to oversee the evening’s entertainment.
DSC 0180 - Winter Wonderland 2017The Bavarian village’s DJ/MC taking a pic to show his bosses that the crowds are really happy and buying loads of beer as a way of keeping up the jovial atmosphere!
(And a tidy profit too no doubt!)
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