IMG 8629fi - New arrival at Little Venice

Today (6 August 2017) I paid a visit to Little Venice to get some pictures for a blog post covering Richard Branson’s boat! That post was quite a substantial one and it can be read here. I managed to do the  photographs for that eventually however in the meantime I was amazed to see a gondola about the Little Venice pool and my time was taken up with photographing and writing notes about this new arrival.
I’ve seen a number of pictures of gondolas at Little Venice, and have several pictures of these in my archives (and other unusual vessels too such as submarines as amphibian cars.) I’ve never actually seen a gondola or any other types of cars/boats/submarines at this famous London tourist hot spot.
IMG 8491 - New arrival at Little Venice
Maurizio with his gondola at London’s Little Venice.
I was invited for a ride around the pool and thankfully up as far as Branson’s new houseboat to get some pictures. This was my first ever trip on a gondola 🙂
IMG 8535 - New arrival at Little Venice
Maurizio takes us around the Little Venice pool (its called Browning’s Pool although there is a dispute about that which can be read here. Apparently Browning had nothing to do with the canals here thus any naming attributed to him are a somewhat of a slight to the original invigilators responsible for the area’s name – Lord Byron and Westminster Council. )
IMG 8598 - New arrival at Little Venice
Onlookers on the Blue Lamp Bridge (or Horse Bridge) as we passed by.
I saw a number of Go Boats on the move during the gondola trip – they have been running since May but its the first time I’ve seen them plying the canal towards either Camden or Kensal Green.
IMG 8613 - New arrival at Little Venice
Little Venice’s canal diversity revealed! Viewed from the Venetian gondola is one of the Go Boats which come from Amsterdam!
Maurizio says he hopes to be in the area for about 2 months. He can be contacted via Traditional Venetian Boats (Italian only.)
Here’s an added bonus – an old picture featuring a gondola at Little Venice in 1972! At the time this was en route to the now defunct Maritime Museum at Exeter.
jun1972 - New arrival at Little Venice
On another note I was aware the Exeter Canal Museum had closed some years ago and much of its collection distributed around other museums or private operators. Thankfully just a few days after this post was originally published, Richard Bailey wrote in the comments on August 13 2017 regarding the above picture of the gondola seen at Little Venice in 1972. He explains what happened to it:

The ex-Exeter del luxe gondola is called “Mario Bruna”. The gondoliers name their boats after their relatives, often sons, daughters, wives. This boat was recently sold to Avon Boating at Stratford-upon-Avon run by Nick Birch. Of the six known gondolas in the UK, three of them now happen to be at Stratford-upon-Avon, in the care of Avon Boating. One available for hire is called “The Dream”. The other two are undergoing maintenance.

I am happy to write about businesses on the canals or anywhere else in London, such as shops, parks, art galleries, buskers – many of my posts do cover these. These posts are simply articles written as a matter of pure of interest and I receive absolutely no money plus there is no affiliation of any sort with any of these businesses.
The Great Gatsby – Another boat for hire at Little Venice