postergirls - London Underground Poster Girls

This summer has seen an exhibition at the London Transport Museum, as well as several online articles and a good number of tweets, covering the excellent work by women depicting various adverts for the London Underground. Many of these are vintage posters. It depicts works by artists from as early as the 1900s to the present.
Despite over 170 women being commissioned to design posters for London’s Underground, many of these works are not recognised as contributions made by women for three reasons. The designers worked for an agency which got the credit, or were perhaps compelled to use their initials instead of full names, whilst others’ work completely went unsigned.
A number of artists did however use their full names. These include those who were more established such as Mabel Lucie Attwell, Carol Barker, Dora M Batty, Dorrit Dekk, Dorothy Dix, Anne Hickmott, Anna Hymas, Ruth Hydes, Arnrid Johnston, Laura Knight, Mary Koop, Enid Marx, Louisa St. Pierre, Zandra Rhodes, Shelia Stratton and Jennie Tuffs.
Some of the more prolific were those such as Dora M Batty, numbering quite a few dozen different adverts.
Some of these artists designed the more iconic London Transport posters such as those for the boat race, the Derby, cup finals at Wembley, the Zoo, shopping sales, showbiz, Christmas lights, and country rambles.
The exhibition covering works from ‘London Underground’s forgotten designers’ opened on 13th October 2017 and runs until January 2019.