DSC 3094fi - Piccadilly Lights Back!

Today the new lights at Piccadilly Circus were switched back on. Sort of….
They have been switched back on for a number of weeks. They’ve been showing various displays such as www.piccadillyon.london and fundraising adverts for Barnardos.
Today’s actually the first day the adverts went live. Thats a big difference!
As the following tweets show, the advertising was switched on this morning.

However seems it wasn’t a very well publicised event….

I had a look at the new lights tonight and was quite impressed. I did notice issues with rendering the different colours and contrasts, the usual bug bear being the usual strong gradients between dark and light areas, blotches etc. This is a common problem even in digital photography and movies.
We are still some considerable way from being able to render excellent skin tones and contrasts especially when it comes to these huge billboards.
IMG 4143 - Piccadilly Lights Back!
General view of the lights this evening. They look good from a reasonable distance.
The new billboard is far more higher quality than before, its described as ultra-HD, however I do not know the technical details.
The images that come next are more or less what photographers called pixel peeping. One must remember these are not first generation images so they’re not an absolutely accurate depiction of the imagery that can be seen on the new billboard. There may in some instances be some fault with the way the camera took the pictures.
DSC 0129 - Piccadilly Lights Back!
This E Bay advert, the rendering is quite okay, just some slight issues in the darker areas.
DSC 0116 - Piccadilly Lights Back!
Simple colours and contrasts like this the billboard does very well.
DSC 0123 - Piccadilly Lights Back!
Another example, it does well because there are no critical gradients to render.
DSC 01411 - Piccadilly Lights Back!
Not bad viewed from a reasonable distance.
DSC 01412 - Piccadilly Lights Back!
However some issues do show up when one views a cropped image.
I am fully aware that cropping does produce poorer quality images however I wanted to show the issues that can arise with trying to render areas that have strong contrasts.
DSC 0133 - Piccadilly Lights Back!
The skin tones in this are reasonably fine however the green areas in the background are a problem. Sorry about the lamp post its difficult to view the billboard completely without these present!
I am aware cameras may produce unwanted artifacts such as moire, however there does not seem to be much of this critically present in the images I took.
IMG 4114 - Piccadilly Lights Back!
Blotches show up where there are dark skin tones as well as in areas of gradation. The silver is rendered very well however.
I noticed examples of these patches on the billboard in the first weeks it was tested.
DSC 0148 - Piccadilly Lights Back!
Good image overall, however darker areas have issues trying to render tones or grade correctly especially the background.
DSC 0128 - Piccadilly Lights Back!
Some of the darker areas are almost burnt out, they are more black than being a shade of gray or of darker skin tone. The white t-shirt is reasonably good.
Overall the new lights render images very well for the general viewing distances within Piccadilly Circus.
A word of warning – the new adverts are watching everybodys’ move….
Iconic Piccadilly Circus billboard will now track drivers with hidden cameras to target YOU with personalised ads
Controversial screen tracks you with hidden cameras and shows adverts based on your age, gender, mood and the car you drive
But there’ll be free wi fi to make up for it! (as well as a subtle downside to that too!)
Huge Piccadilly Circus screen will target ads at certain cars