IMG 3609fi - One, two, three, swing #2

A follow -up post to One, two, three, let’s swing!
This is a quick look at what the Tate Modern is doing in terms of SUPERFLEX’s new conceptual/interactive arts installation at the gallery.
In my previous post I mentioned the orange and silver framework would go outside the gallery, creating a further area of fun and play art.
These pictures show the installation a week after the main one inside the Turbine Hall was opened.
IMG 3552 - One, two, three, swing #2
General view of the SUPERFLEX installation from the fourth floor.
IMG 3561 - One, two, three, swing #2
The one, two three, swing, installation outside the Tate, as seen from the viewing gallery.
Generally the orange pipe does not touch the ground at all. Its constantly supported by the silver ones. Its claimed the pipes go through the gallery walls before emerging onto the rear forecourt. That’s more a matter of imagination than reality. Nevertheless the idea is to enjoy the entire installation and at least have a sense of continuity throughout.
IMG 3564 - One, two, three, swing #2
Viewed upper gallery the One, Two, Three installation eventually grounds at left of picture.
IMG 3597 - One, two, three, swing #2The point where the orange pipes emerge and wander all over the rear Tate Modern forecourt. Yes there will be more swings here for people to have fun with!
IMG 3606 - One, two, three, swing #2
Two newly built swings each for three people, just outside the Tate’s perimeter.
The Tate says the installation will eventually reach other parts of London and invites people to suggest where it could go. I expect it could ’emerge’ from the ground into some of London’s parks or Coin Street, Jubilee Gardens, Crystal Palace, Hampstead Heath or other spots where installation would be possible.
IMG 3600 - One, two, three, swing #2
There we have it! The orange pipe eventually goes to ground! Will it reach other parts of London? That remains to be seen 🙂
On the day I was again at the Tate Modern (12 Oct 2017) SUPERFLEX’s silver ball wasnt swinging. Staff said there was a problem with the mechanism and would probably take a day or so to fix. Clearly the Tate can no longer claim it has a mean swing ball!
IMG 3542 - One, two, three, swing #2
The silver swing ball/pendulum at rest as seen from the fourth floor bridge. 12 October 2017