brolly1fi - A Brolly Good Show!

Lots of audacious moped robberies going on in London. This was Avery Row, just off Bond Street, 10 October 2017.
Love the way this pensioner attempted to stop these robbers with the simple use of a large brolly! Sadly that was barely reported by the media.
brolly1 - A Brolly Good Show!
Guy comes out of shop with brolly…
This was in fact just the start of a whole effort by people in the locality, passer-bys, restaurateurs, jewellers, construction workers, to apprehend some of these evil robbers. One guy was caught and held in Bond Street.
brolly2 - A Brolly Good Show!
Whack! Look how that thief tries to avoid brolly!
Even around the locality near where I live moped riders are attacking people and taking their mobiles or bags or valuables.At least one gang has been jailed after a crime spree across Central and inner North London. BBC News.
By the way no-one in the media reported on how the brolly guy tripped up one of the robbers. Possibly it was too instantaneous and too blurry an image but I screencapped it…. and here’s the proof. I only wish there was a better image to show this very moment….
brolly3 - A Brolly Good Show!
Very blurry shot, but shows robber being tripped up by brolly guy!
One of the motorbikes was left abandoned in Avery Row. A robber was caught round the corner in New Bond Street by the old Pinet store.

DSC 2515 - A Brolly Good Show!
The iconic windows of the now closed Pinet store where one robber was apprehended. See tweet below.

IMG 1151 - A Brolly Good Show!
Night time view of the incident scene in Avery Row – with less threatening forms of transport on view. There must be a way to prevent mopeds and motorbikes using these narrow London alleyways… The problem remains however on roads like Oxford and Regent Street where pretty much anyone can drive whatever they want down these roads 🙁

We stick together around here’ – Local workers collaborate to apprehend moped robbers. Standard.
The Standard says specialist units have now been employed to tackle these moped jewellery robbers.