IMG 3339fi - One, two, three, let's swing!

One, Two Three, Swing!
That’s the Tate Modern’s latest arts project.
I visited it on the first public day of opening. And what fun it is too!
IMG 3374 - One, two, three, let's swing!
Never since the Weather Project has there been reason enough to just lie down and relax, in the process watching a world with little people on it go by…
Ever since I first visited the Tate Modern
I must have seen them all,
Slides, spiders, the Weather
In that turbine hall!
But I ain’t seen nothing like this,
In any turbine hall,
That Tate Modern
Sure plays a mean swing ball!
This ‘world’ is a giant silver pendulum that reflects the visitors on the rainbow coloured floor below.
DSC 2741 - One, two, three, let's swing!
There are swings too. Not the usual but ones specially created to carry three people at a time.
DSC 2684 - One, two, three, let's swing!
There’s pipes of different colours mainly orange and silver going everywhere, almost a re-creation outside of a computer screen of Microsoft’s pipes! They’ll eventually lead outside the Turbine Hall and it seems there’s an area at the rear where Fujiko Nakaya’s Fog was, being prepared for the eventual expansion of these pipes.
IMG 3111 - One, two, three, let's swing!
Its an arts project that’s not going to stay still but get much bigger. Its an artwork in the sense of having a good time – and there’s obviously more to come!
IMG 3314 - One, two, three, let's swing!
People are going to talk for months of lying down on the turbine floor watching the world go by and being hypnotised by it. Maybe Olafur’s going to have to get a tad jealous!
The Hyundai sponsored installation of SUPERFLEX’s new work is well worth visiting.
superflex - One, two, three, let's swing!
The real swingers! SUPERFLEX’s Rasmus Nielsen, Bjornstjerne Christiansen, Jakob Fenger. Pic courtesy Hyundai
Tate Modern – One Two Three Swing