DSC 0071fi - Lights go up on Piccadilly

The new Piccadilly Lights are finally working and well ahead of schedule. Originally these were to be ready by the start of November. Progress has been good and the October switch on decision was made in mid September.
DSC 0071 - Lights go up on Piccadilly
The huge electronic display billboard with the hashtag #piccadillyon.
For the past three weeks or so, the lights have been undergoing tests and debugging. As my photograph show each section of the lights is controlled by different cards and zones linked to the main computers.
IMG 1200 - Lights go up on Piccadilly
The new lights will be ready to go in October with a fundraising campaign linked to Barnardo’s:

Direct link to Barnardo’s/Piccadilly On Campaign.

IMG 1253 - Lights go up on Piccadilly
I always seem to bump into this guy! Here’s Sasha with the lights on test. Let’s give a shout out for Sasha to be the MC on the opening night!
Most probably did not notice but there was a yellow jacketed man with EDS printed on the back who regularly watched the screens. He’s from Electronic Display Services and one of the staff on hand to ensure the new billboards work properly. Its probably credit to him that testing and debugging was completed sooner than thought and the billboards ready for re-launching in October.
IMG 1234 - Lights go up on Piccadilly
The guy from EDS. Constantly watching the screens, making sure they work, photographing and reporting any problems to control.
IMG 1274 - Lights go up on Piccadilly
Our EDS guy keenly watching the display boards for issues that may arise.
DSC 0125 - Lights go up on Piccadilly
Another night-time view of the famous Piccadilly Adverts. Half the scaffolding at this stage has come down.