picc1910fi - Piccadilly Circus - History and Lights in Tweets

The history and lights of Piccadilly Circus in tweets covering the period 1900-1980. The lights are currently undergoing testing and will be working once again in October 2017. This is the first of two new posts on the Circus.


Incidentally the first few pictures that are said to be early 1900s are in fact a little later. The one from Ian Visits that is said to be 1907 is a little earlier!


It has been said the lights first appeared in 1910 before changing over to neon in the 1920s. There were lights and adverts well before 1910 but not on the scale that they became known. I love the coloured photo of the Circus. Look at all that traffic!


We think its bad today in terms of traffic jams but it was bad then! By the 1920s the now classic shape of the Circus is taking place and many of the buildings still here today were present.




Not quite Piccadilly Circus (its actually behind the photographer) nevertheless its a great colourised pic!


Wartime and National War Bonds advertising on the hoarding around Eros. Life goes on as normal. This picture is fascinating because it shows how far the Piccadilly lights used to stretch. Compare that with the one sided light show we have these days!


The following picture has been touted as being the 1930s and 1940s in several tweets, however judging by the buses its more like the very early fifties.

This is a good picture, especially as it shows the Guiness Time advert being rebuilt, changing it from the earlier style to the more recent that lasted from the late fifties to the early 1970s.




Where would we be without the Beatles! This is the premiere of the Fab Four’s final movie, 20th May 1970. By that time the Beatles had split up and none of them attended the premiere.