DSC 0692fi - Euston Square - Who cares?

For the entire summer or so there has been this amazing opportunity to get a electric shock at Euston Square, perhaps even top oneself! And its on a major commuter route to a railway and bus station 🙂
How can that be?
One of the lamp posts has been without its cover for this length of time. The cover lies on the pavement and it seems no-one, not even the council, or TfL, whoever owns the damn thing, are bothered in the least by the potential dangers. These are historic lamp posts, part of the original Euston Square before it was ravaged by the station rebuilding of the 60s.
DSC 0691 - Euston Square - Who cares?
The lamp post on 1st August 2017, cover propped up at bottom.
I am sure in any other major London street or square, the council or TfL, would get it sorted as soon as possible because leaving exposed wires, switches without a cover is a public hazard not only that something historic would get more attention. Like so many other aspects of Euston Square, the so very grubby London ‘square’ its become these days, who cares!
36778375070 ba896d52ca k - Euston Square - Who cares?
Close up of exposed controls and wires. 15 August 2017
Euston is my regular nodal point en route to other parts of London which is why I see it in the state described. Long before I began taking pictures I looked at this lamp post and thought to myself, considering the state it is in, someone will be along to repair it very soon. I mean, I’ve written so much about Euston Square and its problems, and did not think it was in me to do another post – let alone more pictures on the subject.
36778390500 65b6b84950 k - Euston Square - Who cares?
Exposed electrics and maintenance cover on pavement – just like its been all summer! 23 August 2017
Whoever’s responsible for this doesn’t give a fuck about health and safety! So I finally began taking pictures mainly with my mobile. Hence the post I never thought I’d write!
36986384086 4fdd40fe4d k - Euston Square - Who cares?
11 September 2017. Exposed wares & dumped lid still going strong!
As my pics show, yesterday, 11th September 2017, the hole was still exposed and its cover on the pavement, just like it has been the entire summer!
No doubt I’ll have some more pics to post for this lack of maintenance is sure to continue!