DSC 2120fi - 1940s style and a coke

Just a quick post today! This afternoon I spotted this group wearing 1930/40s style clothing on their way somewhere, probably a theatre nearby…. only had time to take a quick photo or two before they had to move on. The location was Beak Street, between Regent and Carnaby Streets.
DSC 2120 - 1940s style and a coke
In nearby Oxford Street (on the corner with Bond Street) the sugar free coke people were out in force. Its not very often one sees free giveaways in Oxford Street, usually its at the stations rather. These guys I’ve seen this year at King’s Cross, Charing Cross and Waterloo stations.
It was a very dull day, and a bit rainy, so the photos are probably not as optimal as they could be. This apparently is not the first time Coca-Cola has been in Oxford Street this year, they were here twice in July according to tweets.
DSC 2206 - 1940s style and a cokeCrowds outside Next in Oxford Street with some clamouring for their share of free coke!
DSC 2209 - 1940s style and a coke
Zero sugar Coca-Cola, mmmm,not bad!
DSC 2213 - 1940s style and a coke
Yes this Coca-Cola really has no sugar – people just cant tell the difference!
DSC 2212 - 1940s style and a coke
He looks at her quizzically, ‘Does it taste the same as the usual Coke?’ She replies, ‘Erm, I’m not so sure….!’
DSC 2215 - 1940s style and a cokeMore people enjoying their samples of zero sugar Coca-Cola!
DSC 2218 - 1940s style and a coke
Here you go, that really has got zilch sugar. Enjoy!
You know, I have had the opportunity to taste this zero free Coke several times this year, call me old fashioned but I much prefer the taste of the original Coca-Cola.
I dont like the litter caused by this or other campaigns. I put my cans in the recycle bin but many dont. As a matter of fact a recycle bin was provided by Coke to encourage people to use it, but many simply just walk off and then bung their empty (or not so empty) cans somewhere else en-route.