IMG 8485fi - The Gatsby Cruises

IMG 8485 - The Gatsby Cruises
The Gatsby is Little Venice’s latest pleasure boat venture, and its without a doubt the smallest. Trips are a unique experience because the vessel is a mahogany and teak punt that once plied the Thames during the 1930s. Punts were very popular on the Royal River in those days – especially among romantic couples!
IMG 9825 - The Gatsby Cruises
Shahar – manager (and captain) of the Gatsby Cruises.
The Gatsby was restored by Chertsey boatyard in 2015. It has been fitted out with a canopy and sides for all weathers, and sports a electric motor and is absolutely silent as it glides on  the canal. Boat trips commenced 10 July 2017 providing bespoke and enchanting cruises on the Regent’s Canal.
IMG 9824 - The Gatsby Cruises
The Gatsby seen at London’s Little Venice.
Tours from Little Venice to Camden are available to book. The boat will hold a small party of four. Champagne and food is provided during the trip. Musicians are available at extra cost to complement the romantic setting as the boat glides along the Regent’s.
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