DSC 0300 - London's JFK statue vandalised

I am posting this because of the mindless and deliberate vandalism that occurred to the JF Kennedy statue in London’s Marylebone Road.  This is a shocking incident that has barely been reported in the media, besides a brief item in the local paper and an article in the Telegraph, which helped raise the funds back in 1965 to purchase the statue for London.

DSC 0301 - London's JFK statue vandalised

The JFK memorial area at Great Portland Street, with the bust missing.

DSC 0296 - London's JFK statue vandalised

As the plaque tells us, the memorial to JFK was made possible by 50,000 Telegraph readers, and unveiled on 15 May 1965.

This iconic statue, the only one in London I believe of America’s beloved president, has stood at this spot ever since 1965. The other day I passed by on a bus and the bust was missing. So I made a resolve to come back and see what had happened and I was outraged to see what had been done to this famous statue.

telegraph - London's JFK statue vandalised

The Telegraph’s headlines and picture of the JFK bust which has been taken away for repairs.

As the local news item had implied, it seems someone shot at the sculpture with a gun. This wanton and wilful act of damage occurred sometime in the second week of August 2017. What seem like bullet marks are clearly seen on the granite pedestal and it seems the person, or persons, also fired at the bust severely damaging it.

DSC 0293 - London's JFK statue vandalised

Either these are bullet impact craters – or some other very strong implement like a pick axe.

DSC 0294 - London's JFK statue vandalised

The notice on the memorial apologising for the removal of the bust for repairs.

I do not think the JFK memorial in London has ever suffered any vandalism in the forty years its stood on the corner of Great Portland Street and Marylebone Road. The timing of this gross act appears to be linked to the ongoing events and political unease in the US.

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Mark McIvor

Just passed it tonight and I am really shocked, not just at the vandalism, but at the lack of reporting. I had to Google it and only discovered the truth thanks to your post. Hopefully it will be restored and returned soon.


Just passed by it today and I’m disgusted that it remains incomplete and damaged.
What kind of sicko would do this? You may not agree with, understand or even been aware of his policies, but no national/cultural significant monument should ever be subjected to this kind of treatment. Sound familiar?
When are we getting it reinstated?


Not aware of his policies? I even remember when the awful event took place. I dont know – it was supposed to be just a couple of months but at this stage it doesnt look like the sculpture is coming back. Information on it is extremely scarce even the media barely bothers with this.