IMG 9840fi - Bygones

There are so many places that have markers – memorials and stones, sometimes flowers, tablets, plaques, perhaps even a simple written  note. They can be found in dedicated areas known as cemeteries, or catacombs, or mausoleums, or on walls, inscriptions in the pavement, an entry in a guide book. Or perhaps even no-where, no record. They may have vanished in what we call wars, conflicts, other situations that need not be made but which some seem very determined to create. And many will have passed away naturally.
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These many reminders of those who have mysteriously disappeared tells us there is a certain affliction that seems to have hit everyone so far in question and clearly it will hit all those who are currently alive. One day they are there, the next they are not. Its exactly the opposite of their being not here one day but here the next. And so if follows that we who are here today will not be here tomorrow.
We cant see where exactly people come from. They come from some mysterious place that no-one could ever imagine, its a multitude of everywheres. Bits and pieces come together, histories are made, actions occur, and each piece in the puzzle soon congeal into a whole human being. The grand emergence. We can work out biologically how people are born, made, but no more than that. Genealogy simply tells us the pattern’s been repeated so many times before.
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It is this being that is commemorated in so many places, the annals of human history. People’s existence is recorded, their lives are documented, shaped, formed. But to what avail? Some say is is the work of a strange being in the sky, I wont dwell on his name, or names, but I can assure you he has gone the same way as others too and his existence is just an imagination many like to behold. The very grand exit that soon becomes a memory among those observers (families, friends, loved ones), in other words those who have not yet joined that very same road. It’s humanity’s most travelled road – and one that can’t be avoided!
So what’s with all these who have disappeared? We have so many reminders of people who no longer have a life. They have gone somewhere, and their wholeness soon takes on other forms, which in turn merge with other forms, and soon all traces of these people have vanished, even the new stages have vanished too. The mystery is then, where do they all go? Its not just a simple case of shedding skin and taking on a fresh new look. Its way beyond that, its millions and billions of tiny little disassociated things that have no idea they were once part of something and are part of other things instead, and will in time become parts of yet more things.
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It seems our dead go everywhere. And nowhere. Far beyond the wildest dreams of time travel and teleportation. This nowhere, the nothingness, has absolutely no quantification of anything. Despite our attempts to classify, categorise, quantify, and make sense of  everything in the world each of us currently embody, there’s ultimately no sense to any of it and the places the departed have gone to just cannot be quantified in any way or means.
Our recorded histories, our memorials, our memories will go the same way too. Dispersed everywhere and yet nowhere. Not a trace to be seen. If the human race can live that long to see the ultimate no-where-ness that comes from everything that is known to be in existence, homo sapiens will realise it cannot even prevent its own extinction.
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Being alive, being in existence, is a microcosm of the same  fate for the big things, the sun, the solar system, the universe. Its all here and then its all not here. Sadly you wont find a cemetery, or hall of memories, or plaques on a wall in some mysterious place which says, “Solar System with planet called ‘Earth’ once existed at this location in time and space. Like the rest of everything around here, no-one knows what happened to it.”
Conceptually its so hard to imagine. It seems quite futile to even think about it. Is it worth the bother when the mind cannot even grasp the futility of it all? Let’s face it, there are no answers not even the greatest minds can resolve. Its like trying to say where are we exactly in the universe? Where exactly is that – and where exactly is the edge of the very universe its related to? Its just way far too beyond the greatness of any human consciousness and even quantum physics wont have the answers.
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The simple prerogative is to just let bygones be bygones. Forget the conflicts, the wars, the hate, and just get on together. That’s because being together is such a rare and precious thing in this very mysterious universe.
Many sadly seem determined to spoil that special quality of existence and pull it apart, forcing many others to live lives that are broken, full of despair, in need, the have nots ruled by the haves, and lives kept in perpetual conflict and total misery conflated upon so many millions.
Don’t spoil the magic we already have. Embrace it. Celebrate the art of being together. Help each other. Adore each other! Celebrate existence!