DSC 1027fi - On The Edge

I saw large crowds gathered about the south end of Westminster bridge, and wondered what was happening. The first pictures I took were of this guy hanging over the edge. Like everyone else who had gathered to watch, I wondered what he was up to. Initially I thought maybe he was trying to reach something a little way down the wall!
DSC 1021 - On The Edge
He was actually doing exercises or some sort of training right on the edge of the river wall at Westminster, there’s a considerable drop down to the Thames!
DSC 1019 - On The Edge
DSC 1027 - On The Edge
DSC 1022 - On The Edge
I think I must have missed quite a bit as the crowds had been there for sometime, however the actual highlight was yet still to come….
DSC 7307 - On The Edge
Gosh! It’s a handstand walk along the top of the river wall!
DSC 7312 - On The Edge
Just before he went I tried to ask what it was and he gestured it was yoga, he actually gave the correct sign language for yoga.
I imagine he was actually practising for some urban exploring, some right on the edge thing up some tall building or tower 🙂