IMG 8841fi - The Tyburn Mile Stone

2012 - The Tyburn Mile Stone
Pic from Google Streets showing the stone in the bank window April 2012.
The Tyburn mile stone had stood outside the building on the corner with Star Street for many years until it disappeared, before re-appearing at Lloyds bank, 195-197 Edgware Road, in about 2002 until 2013.
DSCF0175 - The Tyburn Mile Stone
Pic I took of it in 2011.
I took some pictures of it through the window in 2011 and also of the plaque that accompanied it inside the bank.
DSCF0176 - The Tyburn Mile Stone
The plaque as seen in Lloyds Bank, 195-197 Edgware Road, with its brushed metal finish.
The stone denoted half a mile to Tyburn at Marble Arch. A circular stone can be seen in the middle of the road there marking this particular location.
Its possible the mile stone referred the distance to the actual turnpike gate, which stood on the corner of Bayswater/Edgware Road. In the 17th Century Watling Street (Edgware Road) was a much narrower road hence a simple gate would have been sufficient to control traffic and collect tolls.
IMG 8842 - The Tyburn Mile Stone
In the foyer of the London Metropole Hotel.
The stone can now be seen in the foyer of the London Metropole Hilton a short distance from where it once was.
IMG 8837 - The Tyburn Mile Stone
Another view of the stone in the hotel entrance foyer.
IMG 8841 - The Tyburn Mile Stone
The plaque is from Lloyds bank. Someone seems to have ruined the brushed metal finishing!
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