IMG 8012 - Hey Fortnum & Mason - Ur sign is broke!

Saturday 28 July 2017
Fortnum & Mason
181 Piccadilly
Dear Fortnum and Mason,
This afternoon I happened to past by your store. I was merely on my way from the Prudential Bike Ride to Piccadilly Circus via the quieter back roads.
IMG 8010 - Hey Fortnum & Mason - Ur sign is broke!
The broken sign in Jermyn Street.
I looked up at the Fortnum & Mason sign in Jermyn Street, and I thought to myself “that’s broken and its going to fall on someone.” So I took pictures of this and the other signs for comparison, and went round to the main entrance,with David attending as doorman. I showed him the pictures but he could not make head or tail of what I was trying to say. It was no good writing anything down because it was pouring with rain.
IMG 8011 - Hey Fortnum & Mason - Ur sign is broke!
The same exact sign in Duke Street St James’
I went to the other doorway in Jermyn Street and the doorman there looked at my pictures and understood to an extent what i was trying to say. But he said it didnt look broken. I insisted and so we went out into Jermyn Street and he looked at it and said clearly, “no thats the way it is.The fonts are correctly spaced.”
IMG 8013 - Hey Fortnum & Mason - Ur sign is broke!
Let’s take a closer look…… yes does look a bit dodgy! Not even correct font spacing for a start!
I was very puzzled by that. Perhaps its disability as usual, we cant be trusted or relied upon, too scruffy, whatever, the usual bullshit etc so I thought why bother…
IMG 8013workcrp copy - Hey Fortnum & Mason - Ur sign is broke!
The truth revealed! The U has broke from its anchorage. One can see where the screw should be fixed into the wall. That’s why its at an angle. One can see where the U was before it broke.
When I got home, I took a more serious look at the pictures. I was right. The sign has indeed come off its wall fixing and it may not be safe.
Hey Mr Fortnum and Mr Mason….  U’r sign’s BROKEN!