DSC 7135sml - Croc on the loose in Central London!

DSC 7135sml - Croc on the loose in Central London!
Crocodiles in London? Nah! Over the years there’s been rumours of a crocodile loose in the River Lea, but so far its turned out to be nothing except pieces of wood! There are some at Crystal Palace that look a bit like crocs but are ichthyosaurus. Alternatively London Zoo has several real crocodiles including Philippine and West African species.
Yet there’s one place slap bang in Central London where one can see a croc in the city’s streets! To be honest its quite properly chained so it can’t just come and snap at your heels lol.
DSC 9286 - Croc on the loose in Central London!
Look out its in front of you! Where, I cant see it. Over the railings there! Dont let it get you!
Its somewhat off the tourist trail even though its near the Wallace Collection, right on the corner of that square and Duke Street. The croc in question belongs to Lacoste’s. Its been around a few years, but rarely mentioned as its not too obvious from the street. Its also quite difficult to photograph for the scene is toned gray with dark shadows and the colours are muted.
DSC 7136 - Croc on the loose in Central London!
The crocodile can be seen clambering up a small rocky waterfall.
Nevertheless its the one store in the whole company’s empire where the Lacoste logo has been brought to life. It’s been claimed this small shop does better trade than the bigger one in Regent Street! If that’s the case then this croc rocks 🙂
DSC 7141 - Croc on the loose in Central London!
As well as the crocodile there’s a fish pond at the bottom, fed by the waterfall.
Lacoste – 2a Duke Street, London, W1U 3EJ