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Places for Nova is a public participated artwork created by Saad Qureshi which can currently be seen at Victoria.
IMG 7017 - Places for Nova
Residents, commuters and visitors passing through NOVA were able to give ideas of places they had in memory which they would like to see depicted in an arts installation and Qureshi translated their memories into actual works of art. Hence what the title of the series represents – Places for Nova.
IMG 7034 - Places for Nova
These are places depicted within six steel vitrines at the Simon Milton square in NOVA, opposite London’s Victoria stations.
IMG 1344 - Places for Nova
Its something you must see. On first look Saad’s landscapes may look Oriental, then they may look somewhat American, there’s certainly elements of one or the other present in the landscapes but they are not specifically either. And so one’s mind works, trying to figure out exactly where these places are. But perhaps the irony is, by doing just that, these places in Nova too become a place within your own mind 🙂
IMG 1351 - Places for Nova
Its a little like the replication of memes. Places for Nova becomes an outpost in your head. So its not just there, its everywhere too in the minds of those who have looked at the artwork. I mean, this is essentially what art is about, and thereby one must ask themselves, when they look at a work of art, are they looking at THAT work of art (it could be anything, sculpture, painting, ceramics, whatever) or are they analyzing the image so formed in their head from THAT work of art.
IMG 6998 - Places for Nova
Let’s face it, Places for Nova, like all other artworks (and the rest of life in general) begins upside down and the brain corrects it. One can touch something, sense something, but its still an image in one’s brain so one never knows exactly where fantasy ends and reality begins. And in my view this would in many ways explain what Places for Nova is all about.
IMG 7026 - Places for Nova
The installation opened on 27th March 2017 and will be on show at NOVA for the summer season.
Saad Qureshi’s website.