IMG 1874sml - Lambeth Country Show

This is my first ever visit to the Lambeth Country Show. I’ve been to Brockwell Park before, but never at the right time!
IMG 1697 - Lambeth Country Show
Lambeth in reverse! The person on the right isnt doing what you may think. Its actually their back we can see.
A county show is basically about agriculture and farming. There are around 120 county shows in England every year, and two are held annually in London – Lambeth and the Isle of Dogs. Lambeth’s former county, Surrey, has its own show in Guildford. So that is it in a nutshell, its about bringing the show from the country into London! It began in 1974 and is said to be one of the most popular festivals in Europe, even beating the numbers who attend Glastonbury.
IMG 1685 - Lambeth Country Show
Who needs Glastonbury when Lambeth’s just down the road. Rock/blues instrumental at the small stage.
Lambeth honours the country element fairly well. In the main its an arts and cultural show with many different stalls, theatre, sound stages, an open air ring for equestrian, riding skills, jousting, a farm and animals section, and the obligatory fun fair.
IMG 2029 - Lambeth Country Show
Again who needs Glasto? A return ticket to Herne Hill will get you two days of fun, dancing and music – for free 🙂
The animals is the very part of the show which proved to be my favourite. Few can resist the draw of the many different kinds of farm animals, cuddly little animals, cute llamas, and donkeys!
Here are some more pictures of the show. Enjoy!
IMG 2037 - Lambeth Country Show
Lambeth Country Show’s fantastic ladies who helped me with information for my first visit.
IMG 1699 - Lambeth Country Show
A certain London police force showing off some artistic horse riding skills including jumping through fire hoops. Wish I had been closer to get more dramatic pics but dense crowds meant I had to do my pictures over the top of everybodys heads.
IMG 1756 - Lambeth Country Show
All the fun of the fair! Lambeth has some of the really good classic rides including the Waltzers.
IMG 1730 - Lambeth Country Show
Many stalls covering different subjects and organisations, this is the Army recruitment and information tent.
The best part for me, and I imagine for many people, including of course the families and their children, was the actual country show section, which is full of animals, mostly farm breeds, many of which are rare.
IMG 1843 - Lambeth Country Show
As is the case with many county shows, sheep shearing is a highlight at Lambeth.
IMG 1794 - Lambeth Country Show
A corner of the show featuring Surrey Docks farm’s own animals.
Vauxhall City Farm, which I have never been to (time I went!) had a considerable presence and theirs was by far the best, especially the alpacas. They look a bit like llamas, but they’re not.
IMG 1917 - Lambeth Country Show
Everyone of all ages loves the alpacas! Even grown up men want alpaca selfies!
IMG 1926 - Lambeth Country Show
IMG 1930 - Lambeth Country Show
Gotta have a selfie with these cute alpacas! That on the right doesn’t look very impressed 🙂
I especially loved the section where people could cuddle, or stroke the smaller animals, so very cute too.
IMG 1950 - Lambeth Country Show
Take all the time you need. He’s very patient!
IMG 1954 - Lambeth Country Show
This is the life!
IMG 1993 - Lambeth Country Show
Not sure what this was, a chicken of some sort with a lovely plume of feathers.
As I left the show I noticed there was chaos on the roads around Herne Hill. Many police vehicles were in attendance and I wondered if there had been a fight or something. Actually it was the police who were in trouble. Locals told me one of their patrol cars had hit a pedestrian.
IMG 2042 - Lambeth Country Show
The Met’s own patrol car taped off for evidence…. the victim was in the ambulance and taken to hospital.