IMG 6417 1 - Charlotte draws the crowds!

I usually spot Charlotte Campbell by the London Eye, although on this particular occasion she was by the Jubilee bridges and this is the first time I have seen her there (although she does perform there regularly) I suppose its because of the time of day or my inability to co-ordinate things properly.
Many other buskers play at this location I’ve but not seen the kinds of crowds that came together on this particular evening. Usualy its the spot by the London Eye that’s most popular. On this particular evening (Sunday 2nd July) it was beautiful and there was a warm glow which made it more special. I did not realise here is indeed a beautiful amphitheatre – and probably the best in London too 🙂

Charlotte’s tweet epitomises the very day I have shown in this post. Even though there is no way I can appreciate any of her music at all, seeing what happened and her taking a selfie with the fans was too the next best thing as my pictures show 🙂
IMG 1083 - Charlotte draws the crowds!
IMG 1096 - Charlotte draws the crowds!
Below: The natural amphitheatre formed by the staircases and bridge!
IMG 6386 - Charlotte draws the crowds!
IMG 6406 - Charlotte draws the crowds!
Charlotte’s tweet below is the mirror image of my photograph above!

IMG 1101 - Charlotte draws the crowds!
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