IMG 6184 - Canada 150 at Trafalgar Square

IMG 6227 - Canada 150 at Trafalgar Square
The 150th Anniversary of Canada was celebrated on Canada’s own doorstep – right outside the embassy in Trafalgar Square. The first tweet says it all!

The crowds were huge and everyone was enjoying the celebrations, which included exhibitions stalls and live music.
IMG 6184 - Canada 150 at Trafalgar Square
One of the first photographs I took at the Canada 150 celebrations. Lots of beer!
IMG 6190 - Canada 150 at Trafalgar Square
A happy guy with his beer 🙂
IMG 6209 - Canada 150 at Trafalgar Square
A dad and his family. They made great attempts to stand out better than most others and their creativity worked well. The daughter had an unusual style of head dress which looked like braids, along with flags and other stuff, alas everything is red and a colour that’s very difficult to represent and show accurately.
IMG 6211 - Canada 150 at Trafalgar Square
The son wasnt turning his back on me, he was proudly showing the maple leaf symbol on the back of his head! Their mom was in the background, it was very crowded and there was barely room for me to compose the photographs differnetly. I was having to use the wide end of the lens much of the time. Anyway, Canada House’s own photographer captured the whole family as seen in the following tweet:

IMG 6206 - Canada 150 at Trafalgar Square
Many people wore red. Some simply didn’t have enough beer!
IMG 6229 - Canada 150 at Trafalgar Square
Crowds at the Canada House (Maison du Canada) and Air Canada stalls.
I was astonished to learn McCains foods is first and foremost a Canadian company, even though its operates internationally.

The process by which potatoes become frozen chips takes just ninety minutes from the potatoes arriving by lorry, to being scrubbed, cleaned sorted, cut, fried, bagged and frozen.
IMG 6217 - Canada 150 at Trafalgar Square
McCain’s stall at Canada 150. The staff did a great job of describing the video to me, taking the time to explain everything in detail on Mc Cain’s quality controls and how their frozen chips are produced.
I was intrigued to learn the potatoes sourced by McCains are specially grown, about the only regular potato that is used are Maris Piper, the other variants, eight of them, are special to Mc Cain’s because they need to be of a certain length. The company has four factories in the UK.
The next picture is without a doubt my favourite. This family and their friends, I love this picture I took. Its a simple shot and yet its so full of natural smiles. Its a simple candid shot, they were just about to have their photograph taken by a friend, and I just happened to pass by. I immediately switched the lens to its telephoto end (22mm) that’s the setting which gives the most natural perspective, and took the photo. The fact I was able to use the telephoto end was because there were fewer people about, and it ensured this lovely perspective. Unlike most of the other pictures in this set which had to be taken towards the wide end (10mm) and thus a certain amount of distortion.
IMG 6213 - Canada 150 at Trafalgar Square
IMG 6199 - Canada 150 at Trafalgar Square
This couple I photographed near the Canada House (Masion du Canada) stall. They too were featured on Twitter as shown below:

Mindful of some of the issues surrounding America’s indigenous peoples, I tried to find one as an example of the cross-secton that represents Modern Canada, but couldn’t. Instead I found this Black guy and his friend both from Canada. He was from Quebec, though do not know where the white guy was from.
IMG 6230 - Canada 150 at Trafalgar Square
IMG 6201 - Canada 150 at Trafalgar Square
Five people at Canada 150 – the two ladies on the left are from Canada, the man in the middle was from London and just joining in the fun. The two on the right, dont think they stated a place of origin….
IMG 6236 - Canada 150 at Trafalgar Square
The front of Canada House for the celebrations.

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Long Branch Mike

As a Canadian I’m very pleased with this post. A slight correction, it’s ‘Maison’ not ‘Masion’, French for house.


Was probably unduly influenced by English spellings eg Mansion House 🙂