DSC 0755 - Customers at Barbican

DSC 0752 - Customers at Barbican
Just a quick post, passed through Barbican station en route home yesterday late afternoon, thought I’d try some quick shots of the customers at the various stations along here, the best were of the Barbican because of the light and shadows.
I tried an analog effect on the photographs – hopefully it makes the ‘customers’ (the official definition these days) look more like ‘passengers’ (the old definition of a person travelling by train!)
DSC 0753 - Customers at Barbican
Barbican station is of interest, not only because its one of the open air stations in Central London, but also because its one of the last bastions where the underground system’s coffee pot signals are used. These, as I have illustrated elsewhere, have been extant on the system since 1900, and yes, there are a handful of locations along this route still using that same old tried and tested type of signal!
My post on London’s tube system last coffee pot signals here plus a more detailed examination of the one at the Barbican here.
DSC 0754 - Customers at Barbican