NIK 8010fi - Abbey Road & Sgt Pepper 50th Anniversary

Today was the occasion of Sgt Pepper’s 50th Anniversary**. There were quite a few people about at Abbey Road though not quite as busy as at the weekends.
NIK 8033 - Abbey Road & Sgt Pepper 50th Anniversary
The Fab Female Four do the Abbey habit!
The walls outside the studio were decorated with Sgt Pepper imagery. It made a nice change from those white painted walls which soon get covered in graffiti. This new look had been put on the studio’s walls about a week beforehand according to one of the studio staff who was outside at the time I asked. The tweet below from Sara Cox begs otherwise:

A few people were soon putting her right and this tweet from May 22nd’s when the decal was first seen:

NIK 8019 - Abbey Road & Sgt Pepper 50th Anniversary
All in all, its another decal on the wall. Westminster leave us skids alone…
The shop had an area dedicated to Sgt Pepper too. These special decorations are up for about two weeks.
NIK 8010 - Abbey Road & Sgt Pepper 50th Anniversary
Inside the Abbey Road shop.
By the crossing singer Sarah Hawkyard was fundraising for Great Ormond Street hospital (GOSH). I felt guilty not being able to help as only had £1 on me – my bare bones evening shopping. At least I didnt turn up in my raggedly clothes 🙂
DSC 0935 - Abbey Road & Sgt Pepper 50th Anniversary
Sarah Hawkyard & publicity card.
Sarah’s painting isnt finished but it will be in due course and it will be auctioned to raise funds for GOSH to acquire essential new equipment to help it’s many child patients.

Here are a couple of pics with Sarah working on the painting to be auctioned for GOSH:
DSC 0940 - Abbey Road & Sgt Pepper 50th Anniversary
DSC 0954 - Abbey Road & Sgt Pepper 50th Anniversary
For those who wish to donate a contribution towards GOSH here’s Sarah’s Just Giving Page.
**There’s a bit of confusion re the actual anniversary of the release of the Beatles’ Sergeant Pepper album. Although June 1st is said to be the official day the album was launched, copies were made available for distribution a week earlier, a rushed release so to say, hence May 26th’s the unofficial launch date. Even I’m a bit confused because many sources say the official release date was 2nd June 1967, so am wondering how June 1st fits in!