IMG 7601sml - The Old Blue Last's forgotten sign

IMG 7601 - The Old Blue Last's forgotten sign
The Old Blue Last, with the former Oakden’s building at left (86-90 Curtain Road, now Foxtons estate agents.)
The Old Blue Last is a pub in Great Eastern Street, which I used a few times when I was employed at Oakden’s in Curtain Road. Those who know the pub itself or the area will be aware of the interesting sign high up the building that says:
“Old Blue Last. A.D. 1700.Rebuilt 1876. Truman, Hanbury, Buxton & Co’s Entire.”
This wasn’t the only such sign hereabouts. Coming up Great Eastern Street towards City Road one may have seen the unusual sign on 36 Great Eastern Street confirming the pub as the first to sell Porter beer. The sign vanished a number of years ago.
oldblue - The Old Blue Last's forgotten sign
The ‘Porter’ sign was sited at 36 Great Eastern Street where it fronted onto the detached bit of King John Court.
Porter was a special London black beer which existed long before Guinness and was brewed locally in Shoreditch.
Update: Here’s a recent picture of the pub posted on Twitter by Alan Russell
DTwCfj9XcAAZ4cp - The Old Blue Last's forgotten sign

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Martyn Cornell

The Old Blue Last looks to have been a tied house belonging to the Bell brewery in Shoreditch High Street, and a former owner of the Bell brewery, Ralph Harwood, was said in 1802 to have been the man who invented porter. Unfortunately all the evidence says he didn’t …