20170518 130305crp - Caffe Nero - Edgware Road station

The somewhat dire backwater of a station that’s Edgware Road (opened 1863, rebuilt 1928) will be a much brighter place next week when Caffe Nero opens its new store at the entrance.
20170518 130253 - Caffe Nero - Edgware Road station
The large curved windows have been hidden from view for ages but recently formed part of Jacqueline Poncelet’s Wrapper artwork. The arcade to the ticket hall was originally lined with shops and buffets, the last of these being closed in the early 1980’s.
IMG 5394 - Caffe Nero - Edgware Road station  20170518 130305 - Caffe Nero - Edgware Road station
Before and after. The curved windows at Edgware Road station (Wrapper/Caffe Nero)
Nero’s will be the first of its kind at Edgware Road station in over forty years. It’s a definite plus! 🙂
20170518 130318 - Caffe Nero - Edgware Road station
The station’s users are happy! 🙂
Cafe Nero, Edgware Road tube station, Chapel Street, London W2. Opens 25 May 2017.