DSC02998 - Trafalgar Square kids & pigeons 1950-60s

Following Trafalgar Square kids & pigeons 1920-40s is this second installment covering the 1950s and 1960s – with a bonus year from 1971!


It seems in the fifties and sixties pics of kids with their mums and dads and the pigeons too were popular. This may be due to the establishment of professional photographers around the square . This was a trend elsewhere in London too at the other London tourist hotspots, for example, as I remember, by the Tower of London. The trend clearly followed the example made in many of Britain’s seaside resorts, and it lasted until quite recently with the last such instances being on Westminster Bridge. Nowadays who needs a service such as this? Selfies are far more fun!
IMG 9494 - Trafalgar Square kids & pigeons 1950-60s
Yours truly! Our blogger himself a very small kid with his mum.

I can’t find a date for this picture but surely its the sixties?

Note the man’s rather intriguing hairstyle!



Pigeon feeding – Is it still allowed?
Most definitely not in Trafalgar Square. Anyone caught at it faces a fine of £500. Though I cannot understand how or why members of the armed forces should be exempt when the public are not?
DSC 0841 - Trafalgar Square kids & pigeons 1950-60s
The Trafalgar Square by-laws on pigeon feeding – seen at the base of the fourth plinth.
DSC 0824 - Trafalgar Square kids & pigeons 1950-60s
The Trafalgar Square no feeding signs.
Besides the anti-pigeon signs at Trafalgar Square there’s one too at Baker Street. Its a strange place for a notice as I’ve never known hordes of kids or adults to descend on the area to feed its avian population. Plus the traffic hereabouts is just far too busy. Maybe TfL were just being cautious and not wanting to start a trend?
DSC 0580 - Trafalgar Square kids & pigeons 1950-60s
No pigeons sign outside Baker Street tube station.
DSC 0791 - Trafalgar Square kids & pigeons 1950-60s
Soho Square – there’s a lot of things one cant do besides the three banned activities pictured!
Other London parks and squares seem more stringent than Trafalgar Square. Take Soho Square – it has eight of these forbidden signs. Seems they just want people to breathe, nothing more! 🙂
The Royal Parks have signs in place forbidding feeding of pigeons although confusingly on the Royal Parks website the authorities warn against ‘over feeding of aggressive feral pigeons’ as they can threaten the parks’ more delicate song birds.
Other London parks definitely carry a fine for anyone feeding pigeons such as Hounslow althgough similar proposals for Hillingdon were described as ‘bird brained.’  Recently a woman was fined for feeding pigeons at Ealing Broadway.
Some say the attempts to pass laws are an attempt to covertly ban any activity in parks.