IMG 2970 - Ear Lane

IMG 2972 - Ear Lane
Ear Lane SE1? London certainly has some interesting street names!
IMG 2991 - Ear Lane
Drive (or cycle or jog) no faster than 20mph and you might get a sympathetic ear!
Although this one doesn’t seem to feature on any maps its found very near the Tate Modern.
Does it refer to an ear of wheat? Tthere’s no history of a Victorian grain warehouse that would explain the street’s name.
TBH I think Ear Lane’s in the wrong place. It should be at King’s Cross. There’s two reasons 1) the local specialist hospital which of course deals with ears. 2) there was a grain warehouse by the Regent’s canal.
IMG 2994 - Ear Lane
All ears & waiting… anyone want to confess their sins?
Does it denote as in ‘now I’m ‘ere’? Maybe that explains what this guy is doing. He’s ‘ere’ waiting for whom ever a meeting’s been arranged – perhaps his loved one? Or he’s waiting for someone to ‘lend an ear’? Or perhaps to confess…
IMG 3476 - Ear Lane
More people waiting about on Ear Lane – either they’re simply ‘ere or they’re offering a listening ear 🙂
I had a look on the internet and it seems there’s no other Ear Lane anywhere so London has the one road of that name. Congratulations London! It’s a world first 🙂
I have to admit there’s something quite skewed about Ear Lane. Really can’t Bear not knowing what’s behind it….