postersml - My poster pic of The Hod

This is a post detailing a photograph I took of The Hod on 21st March 2017.
These were taken just before they played one of their regular Trafalgar Square gigs. I took the picture with my EF-S10-22mm f/3.5-4.5 USM. It was 18.10pm and the light quality was quite poor when I took these pictures.
I also took photos of their following gig but the light really bombed in the space of just a few minutes….
hodbyme - My poster pic of The Hod
The Hod liked my picture & commented: thehodofficial@lvpfoto probably our favourite picture of the entire year!! Thank you so much!!
hodbucca - My poster pic of The Hod
I really appreciate the fact that my photographs is their favourite (as it is mine of them too) and it’s being used in their posters, its a first for me!
hodinstag - My poster pic of The Hod
Anyway here’s another picture from that photo shoot. I didn’t think it was as good as the one above which is my favourite just as it is The Hod’s. The fact is none of us were prepared,I was on my way home and they were readying for a gig! Perhaps it was my sudden decision to do a quick session that helped and no one (not even me) had time to build up nerves or anything like that, for ultimately the best result was achieved – as the Instagram and Nambucca posters show 🙂
IMG 0963 - My poster pic of The Hod
This was actually a difficult shoot because the light was poor, and I don’t have the necessary ‘L’ lenses that could solve this. Not only that, there was a strong blue tint across the entire Trafalgar Square scene. The sky were light blue in places but the clouds themselves were a either a very deep blue or deep grey and that gave a sort of gritty blue tint which was just unavoidable. I don’t think switching the white balance to clouds would have helped.
To recap, I was actually on my way home – it was getting dark and I wasn’t planning on doing any more photography – and on the way I encountered The Hod at Trafalgar Square so the photo-shoot was very unexpected even though I must admit I was very pleased with the photographs.
Actually that blue tint I just mentioned gave those poster photos of The Hod an extra dimension but it also caused problems for me when I tried to do their gig just a short while later with Sasha Broad-Kolff. The light was bad and this blue hue was not helping much. I did use flash on some shots but didn’t want to be intrusive plus the shadows that are created are not good. I used my 24mm f2/8 to do some of the shots, even then I had to shoot at iso1600 (so as not to create too much picture noise) and the shutter was 1/10th sec (which is considerably slow) as per the example below. (The skies had really darkened by then and the blue tint had gone.)
IMG 1023 - My poster pic of The Hod
Below is my post on The Hod with Sasha Broad-Kolff (published briefly 5th April 2017) which features those pics I took after the photo-session with The Hod themselves. It was live only for a few hours then I took it down. I was never happy with the photographs despite considerable amounts of work trying to sort that very strong blue hue and improve the dynamic ranges.
Actually the other day I did a new session of pictures featuring The Hod with Sasha and those are much better, so I’ll probably re do this post with these new pics.
hodsasha - My poster pic of The Hod