IMG 0719 - Lennox Gardens Mews

IMG 0723 - Lennox Gardens Mews
A pretty scene in Lennox Gardens Mews, SW1, earlier this year.
Lennox Gardens Mews is a part of the expanded Hans Town area sited between Knightsbridge and Chelsea. Hans Town itself was named after Sir Hans Sloane who bought the manor of Chelsea from William Lord Cheyne in 1712. The area eventually became the property of Lord Cadogan.
DSC 4796 - Lennox Gardens Mews
The land which Lennox Gardens Mews resides was once known as Quail (or Flounder’s) Field on the edge of the older Hans Town in an area called Blacklands – so named after the local stream that flowed this way. Flounder’s or Quail field was once reached via a lane from Knightsbridge.
IMG 0719 - Lennox Gardens Mews
Whist Hans Town began construction as early as 1776, Quail Field was not built upon until much later. In the mid 19th Century it was turned into a cricket ground and also became the original home of lawn tennis. The field’s lease expired in 1885 and soon after Lennox Gardens and it’s Mews were built here.
Most of London’s mews are as straight as a ruler, Lennox Gardens Mews is one of the few that isn’t.