prophecy 1 - SJ Parris - Book Signing

SJ Parris, author of the Tudor & Stuart based historical fiction thrillers featuring Giordano Bruno, was at the Golden Hinde today for the signing of her latest work, Prophecy.
The event also marks the start of CityRead’s month long festival, and thus an Elizabethean flavour for the 2017 event.
Here’s some photos of the event – plus my own copy of the book being signed.
DSC 6311 - SJ Parris - Book Signing
London’s Town Crier, Alan Myatt, announces the book signing event.
DSC 6248 - SJ Parris - Book Signing  DSC 6253 - SJ Parris - Book Signing
The Jester kindly inclines me towards the event marking the start of City Read month.
DSC 6261 - SJ Parris - Book Signing
Queuing up for the signing of my copy of Prophecy….
DSC 6263 - SJ Parris - Book Signing
S. J Parris (aka Stephanie Merrit) signing my copy of her latest book.  I told her I was a London blogger. Yes that’s me, the guy with torn clothes and unkempt appearance, and she prob thought I was winding her up re my blogging 🙂
DSC 6285 - SJ Parris - Book Signing
More book signings by S.J. Parrit on board the Golden Hinde II.
DSC 6307 - SJ Parris - Book Signing
The Jester explaining Parris’ latest book and the City Read event to some visitors.
DSC 6303 - SJ Parris - Book Signing
The Town Crier tries to beat the Jester hands down by undertaking a somewhat more serious round in promoting the book 🙂