DSC 5392 - Aftermath 23/03/2017

Scenes from today including Westminster Bridge and police processions in memory of the victims of yesterday’s atrocities that took place around the bridge and within Parliament’s precincts.
One ceremony at Scotland Yard in memory of their fallen colleague, participants from the officer’s
At one point Jeremy Corbyn attended the Westminster scene briefly but he was totally surrounded by media so only got pics of his back as he walked away from the scene to Portcullis House.
Flags at half mast everywhere. All streets open except immediately around Parliament Square.
DSC 5230 - Aftermath 23/03/2017
Many reporters, media staff and onlookers about Westminster Bridge
DSC 5241 - Aftermath 23/03/2017
DSC 5258 - Aftermath 23/03/2017  DSC 5272 - Aftermath 23/03/2017
Above left: Another reporter. Right: The souvenir stall holder by the steps where the US tourist died probably left in a rush – and forgot these postcards…
DSC 5280 - Aftermath 23/03/2017
Tourists taking photographs, probably unaware a person died at this point the previous day.
DSC 5281 - Aftermath 23/03/2017
The spot where American visitor, Kurt Cochran, died after being hit by car driven by the terrorist
DSC 5288 - Aftermath 23/03/2017
A witness being interviewed by media – was describing the scenes from yesterday
DSC 5292 - Aftermath 23/03/2017
More media
DSC 5315 - Aftermath 23/03/2017
Plenty of police and security in attendance around Westminster and Parliament

DSC 5304 - Aftermath 23/03/2017
Many floral tributes and notes at the foot of Westminster Bridge
DSC 5309 - Aftermath 23/03/2017  DSC 5337 - Aftermath 23/03/2017
DSC 5330 - Aftermath 23/03/2017
DSC 5322 - Aftermath 23/03/2017
The Met Police arrive with flowers in remembrance of the victims
DSC 5338 - Aftermath 23/03/2017
A media scrum…
DSC 5360 - Aftermath 23/03/2017
New Scotland Yard – memorial service for PC Palmer. Colleagues from his division took part.
DSC 5365 - Aftermath 23/03/2017
More scenes from the New Scotland Yard memorial service for PC Palmer.
DSC 5371 - Aftermath 23/03/2017
DSC 5392 - Aftermath 23/03/2017
Flowers from the Met Police. Below – video from Twitter showing the flowers being laid

Above & below: Whitehall was open to pedestrians. The further bit, Parliament Street/Parliament Square, were closed off.
DSC 5404 - Aftermath 23/03/2017
DSC 5398 - Aftermath 23/03/2017
Flags on Parliament at half-mast.
DSC 5427 - Aftermath 23/03/2017
No guards nor horses on parade today
DSC 5436 - Aftermath 23/03/2017
Many flags around Banqueting House several at half-mast including one belonging to Historic Royal Palaces.