IMG 0516fi - Knightsbridge Rhino

Is there a rhinoceros in Knightsbridge?
According to Bertrand Russell there can’t be one, however Ludwig Wittgenstein wouldn’t have agreed.
There’s been nothing in the news about a rhino so perhaps there’s an element of disbelief at work 🙂
But think hard enough about it, take the trouble to look – and you will find a real rhino (of sorts) there!
IMG 0516 - Knightsbridge Rhino
The rhino’s Knightsbridge residency is temporary and it will go elsewhere after – no doubt to confound yet more earth dwellers as claims are contested on whether the beast really does exist….
DSC 3149 - Knightsbridge Rhino
It can be found atop 161 Knightsbridge, Samer Halimeh’s the jewellers (formerly Ibrahim Samad’s Carpet shop.) Rhino Sospeso is by sculptor Stephano Bombardieri and on display until April 2017.
This page claims the rhino sculpture’s one of the worlds’ 20 worst statues. Perhaps why it barely made the news…
Here’s a brief rhino discussion on Reddit.