DSC 2886 - Paper Aviary

This new attraction is just a short distance from Piccadilly Circus at St James’ Market – a modern resurrection of the old 17th Century market.
DSC 2898 - Paper Aviary
Paper Aviary was launched on 15th February 2017 and is sited in the St James Pavilion.

Paper Aviary is a modern representation of Charles II’s aviary that once stood on the south side of St. James’ Park where Birdcage Walk is now.
DSC 2902 - Paper Aviary
With 118 examples of paper birds, most of London’s ornitholical life is represented. The smaller animals are on the lower displays whilst the bigger ones are on the upper displays. Its a great collection of brightly coloured origami pieces with many instantly recognisable shapes.

Paper Aviary is on exhibition from 8am-7pm daily until 3rd May 2017.
DSC 2908 - Paper Aviary
Some of the typical London birds that can be seen at Paper Aviary:
DSC 2881 - Paper AviaryDSC 2876 - Paper Aviary
DSC 2873 - Paper Aviary
DSC 2852 - Paper Aviary
DSC 2848 - Paper Aviary
The birdhouses are made out of paper too!
DSC 2871 - Paper Aviary