DSC 1544 - Rolling Stones at Marble Arch #1

The Stones iconic image taken at Marble Arch in June 1963. The photographs were taken presumably as publicity material for their new single ‘Come On’ and the tweet below confirms it.
In terms of crediting the photographer who took the pictures, Getty gives credit to Mary/Colleen Hayward but others sites say its a photograph taken by Philip Townsend.
The red phone boxes themselves are on Bayswater Road by the Edgware Road junction.
5831c7b932c1f4cda85f907db6705909 - Rolling Stones at Marble Arch #1
Rolling Stones in Bayswater Road. Source: Pinterest
The five phone boxes still exist as does the original paving stones the Stones stood on. There is subtle changes however. The most important being the raised pavement which means an extra step up from the roadway where before it was completely level. One can see just how deeper the phone boxes bases are compared to the Stones’ picture. The cable pipeline (just visible in the Stones’ picture) that links these booths has now been complemented by an additional one along the rear side.
DSC 1573 - Rolling Stones at Marble Arch #1
In the Stones’ picture the properties behind are undergoing works of some sort, probably roofing. The wooden structure was a temporary builders’ hut.
DSC 1548 - Rolling Stones at Marble Arch #1
Evidence of the raised pavement. This has the effect of deepening the bottoms of the phone boxes so less shows above the surface. The Stones stood on the original lower section of pavement.
Its not known when this pavement was raised but its been like that quite a few years and nothing to do with the removal of the subway to Hyde Park. This may well have been at the time these railings (not present at the time of the Stones’ picture) were put in place. The pedestrian phase of the Hyde Park Corner to Marble Arch Improvement scheme (1960-64) had not been finished so perhaps explains the anomaly.
google08 - Rolling Stones at Marble Arch #1
The above view is from Google in 2008 and shows the railings plus the now vanished subway entrance.
DSC 1544 - Rolling Stones at Marble Arch #1
Mick Jagger lived in a tiny flat at 13a Bryanston Mews East, just off the Edgware Road whilst Keith Richards lived in the Hilton Hotel for a while. This explains why a number of shots were taken in the area at that time.
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