IMG 2109 - Tower Bridge Stairs

The stairwells in Tower Bridge are almost as they were the day the bridge was built. They range from wide sweeping staircases to narrow spiral staircases as well as straightforward flights of stairs and stone steps.
Its quite difficult to capture the staircases’ essence hence an ultra wide angle lens was used.
The sequence of photographs is taken on the descent from walkway level towards the bridge deck.
IMG 2093 - Tower Bridge Stairs
Looking down from Level 4 (Walkways & exhibitions)
IMG 2103 - Tower Bridge Stairs
Between Levels four and three
IMG 2109 - Tower Bridge Stairs
View of the twin sets of spiral flights from level three.
IMG 2125 1 - Tower Bridge Stairs
The staircases at level two
IMG 2129A - Tower Bridge Stairs
The narrow spiral staircase leading to Level one (bridge deck)
Tower Bridge was designed by Horace Jones. It was completed posthumously.