IMG 1224 - The Marks & Sparks Guy

Another post featuring the capital’s buskers – and we’re back in Oxford Street.
IMG 1197 - The Marks & Sparks Guy
This weekend I spotted an eminently enjoyable busker outside Marks & Spencer’s.
IMG 1208 - The Marks & Sparks Guy
Had no idea who the guy was yet everyone clearly enjoyed his singing and dance moves.
He was right on his marks and sent the sparks flying! Very cool! 🙂
IMG 1224 - The Marks & Sparks Guy
Taken with Canon 7D/EFS17-85mm, iso1600, f/4. 1st pic 1/40th, 2nd pic 1/25th, & 3rd pic 1/40th sec. The lens wasn’t what I would have used but didn’t want to miss the action!