IMG 1053fi - Xmas Mayfair

IMG 1061 - Xmas Mayfair
Cambridge House in Piccadilly is the big surprise. The front area of this long closed exclusive venue (once frequented by famous people like Lawrence of Arabia, Ian Fleming, Rudyard Kipling, and owned by Lord Palmerston) is now open to the public.
IMG 1053 - Xmas Mayfair
It has a small Christmas fair on the forecourt with four Citroen vans, but I’m not sure if it means there’s a French theme as one of the vans offers good old British fish and chips! I cant find anything information re this small fayre in the news so it must be pretty well unannounced.
IMG 1092 - Xmas Mayfair
In Berkeley Square, Annabel’s (who are in the process of moving to a new venue to open in early 2018) substituted their huge four storey high advert for the new venue with this one for the Xmas period.
IMG 1111 - Xmas Mayfair
Around the corner in nearby Bruton Street, almost opposite the Queen’s birthplace, is Stella McCartney’s. It’s full on xmas decor from ground floor to roof is a popular attraction. It was very difficult to get the full detail in the windows without the use of a tripod and a long exposure, so I took a separate shot of the window display for better clarity.
IMG 1119 - Xmas Mayfair