IMG 9341 - The München Looping

IMG 9376 - The München Looping
Rudolf Barth’s München Looping
The München (Munich) Looping, or the Olympia Looping, is known as such because it’s five loops represent the Olympics. The ride is “one of the best steel looping roller coasters in the world” and for the first time has taken a trip out of Germany. It’s currently at London’s Winter Wonderland for the parkland funfair’s 10th anniversary.
IMG 9341 - The München Looping
The ride is famous for its g-forces. Technically roller coaster loops are more of an oval thus g-forces are not so intense. The ‘München’ loops are more circular (or a flattened tear-drop shape) thus exert stronger g-forces.
IMG 9351 - The München Looping
Many München Looping POV rides can be found on You Tube. As soon as the ride was up and running enthusiasts were out in force and filming away! I’ve had a look at several of these – here’s one, taken in daytime (part of Storm Angus can be seen in the skies.) Here’s another, taken at night.
IMG 9356 - The München Looping
The ride was built in 1989 by Schwarzkopf Industries GmbH