text - Nelson's Columbrella

Professor A. J. Copperthwaite was a zany inventor, even an intrepid Victorian explorer as some claim.
Amongst his many bizarre designs, many more weird than Heath Robinson’s, were a Martian canal dredger, the Brighton Pier Cross-Channel Dirigiplane Terminal, and the Crystal Palace All London Laundry & Public Baths (with its wonderful steam powered toothbrushes!)
Other London attractions given Aloysius Joyful Copperthwaite’s magic touch included Buckingham Palace, Albert Hall and Nelson’s Column.
The Columbrella – a design to protect the column’s base and it’s people from the elements 🙂
columbrella - Nelson's Columbrella
text - Nelson's Columbrella
“The Nelson Columbrella, designed by A.J.Copperthwaite, to provide an automatic shelter during storms for the populace and replace the existing dull monument with something useful.”
Other subtle touches included mermaids sitting atop the Landseer lions, clocks at the base of the column, and steps where there are none.
The apocryphal professor’s designs can be found in The Secret Scrapbooks of Professor A.J.Copperthwaite.