IMG 9710 - Charlotte Campbell

I have featured the Miner (or Bob the builder or whoever he happens to be!) and the South Bank/its history a few times on these pages (there’s more posts in preparation too!) I have so many pictures of London’s buskers, both tube and street – and here’s another post, following the autism tweets seen yesterday (25 October)
Charlotte Campbell is a full-time busker who’s usually seen adjacent to the London Eye opposite our Miner. Although she busked at Oxford Circus specially for the first ever Night Tube opening.
Charlotte’s songs include a cover of Streets of London and her own such as Wildland

IMG 6027 - Charlotte Campbell
Above and below: Charlotte with her admirers & just generally busking.
IMG 6284 - Charlotte Campbell IMG 9710 - Charlotte Campbell
Here’s a tweet of Charlotte’s about a young autistic admirer via @yorkiepuddings

Charlotte’s website – covering her music, a online shop, and her own blog.