suschitzky - Wolfgang Suschitzky

Wolfgang Suschitzky a famous photographer who hailed from Austria, died recently at the age of 104. Here are a couple of obituaries from the Guardian.

Wolfgang Suschitzky obituary

Wolfgang Suschitzky, the ‘lucky man’ who created Get Carter’s classic style

He originally moved to Britain in the 1930s to escape Hitler, hence much of his photography work covered Britain (as well as quite extensively abroad). He was shocked by how much poverty there was in Britain and documented much of what he discovered. His sister, Edith Tudor Hart, was also a photographer.

At the outset of the world war Suschitzky became a documentary cameraman, eventually moving into Hollywood motion film. Some of his most famous films shot include Entertaining Mr Sloane and Get Carter.

Suschitzky lived at Maida Avenue  in London’s Little Venice.

Here’s a picture of Suschitzky on the bench by the Regent’s Canal outside his home. Picture source: Big Movie Reviews.
suschitzky - Wolfgang Suschitzky