newheadersml - Blog update!

The blog had a major new look on 1st April 2018 this was timed well before the hours of April tomfoolery so its NOT a joke of any sort lol! The first post published under the new style was 2001: A Space Odyssey.
In a lot of ways I like the new style especially the fact its a wider page. I also liked elements of the old style sadly these can’t be carried over into the new.
The new style 2018:
april2018 - Blog update!
The old style to March 2018 is shown:
march2018 - Blog update!
The blog had a minor update on 16 October 2016 – a case of now you see it now you dont!
oldheadersml - Blog update!
he old header
newheadersml - Blog update!
he new header
Its only by comparing the before/after a difference can properly be seen 🙂