londonistbt - Londonist - re BT Tower

Whilst browsing web articles related to the BT Tower – it’s the anniversary of it’s official 1965 opening – I found this interesting item by Londonist.
There’s just one thing….
The amazing claims made about the BT Tower’s lifts!
londonistbt - Londonist - re BT Tower
According to Londonist the BT Tower originally had ONE large lift. And that was “replaced with two smaller lifts which carry about 12 people each.”
Let’s have a look at the facts clearly demonstrated in the original Post Office Tower guide (printed 1965):
BTtowerlift - Londonist - re BT Tower
There’s always been two lifts of the same size carrying about 12-15 people.
Any such change as claimed by Londonist would have required major alterations to the tower when it was built and it would look quite different!