Many of us have seen at least one or two of the tube mice that live on London’s underground rail system. It is said there are at least 500,000 of them.
DSC 0012 - Leicester Square mouse
A tell-tail sign givng the mouse’s location away!
Glimpses of the mice are usually fleeting as they scurry across the platforms or dash for cover.
This example was seen adjacent to the Piccadilly Line platforms at Leicester Square tube station.
DSC 0020a - Leicester Square mouse
The rodent seen through a gap in the partition at the bottom of the stairs. One of the tube posters is visible in the background. The mouse’s tail (the big tell-tail sign!) is quite visible 🙂
It’s the closest I have ever seen a tube mouse.
DSC 0018 - Leicester Square mouse
Somehow this mouse had got its tail stuck and was resigned to hiding in the gap between the metal partition and the wall of the staircase as best as it could. Passengers gathered around trying to see if it was alive or dead by flicking the mouse’s tail with their shoes!
It didnt budge. Obviously didnt want to give the game away 🙂
As I took pictures of it using flash, it moved its head, alerted by the very bright light from the camera.
DSC 0020b - Leicester Square mouse
Extreme close-up of the mouse
I managed to take a few shots of the mouse before it freed itself and disappeared.
There’s some ‘concern’ what will happen to the mice when the 24 hour tube service begins 🙁
I’m certain the mice will just party the entire weekend on larger amounts of discarded food 🙂
timeout - Leicester Square mouse
Time Out’s tweet revelaing the number of rodents living on the tube.