IMG 9382 - The Levitating Miner

Remember The Miner?
minerweb - The Levitating Miner
People often tried to make him blink or move but he didnt. That’s the surprise of being a living statue 🙂
The Miner’s gone a couple of steps further. As well as adopting a yellow colour, obviously due to the cheery days of summer, a new skill has come into play – it’s levitation!
My pictures prove it! Enjoy 😉
IMG 9387 - The Levitating Miner
The Miner at rest on his plinth by the London Eye. Never moves!
IMG 9382 - The Levitating Miner
Suddenly it turns out he can levitate! Staying motionless in mid-air must take tremendous effort 😉
IMG 4264 - The Levitating Miner