DSC 0066 - Is Little Venice on the Grand Union Canal?

Canal & River Trust’s banner strung on the nothern side of the famous Little Venice pool proclaims:

So Little Venice happens to be on the ‘Grand Union Canal’ only? The Regent’s isnt even mentioned!

Let’s consider some facts.

One: Little Venice would have never existed if the Regent’s Canal had not been built.

Why’s that? The famous stretch of wide water (aka Browning’s Pool) came into existence because of the Regent’s Canal, and not because of the other canal (then known as the Grand Junction.) The pool was originally a three way junction to/from the Regent’s hence the banner happens to be upon a stretch of waterway that was built to give easy access to the Regent’s Canal! It all eventually morphed into what’s now Little Venice.

Two: How did the Grand Union come into existence?

It was the Regent’s Canal who created the Grand Union! The Grand Junction and other waterways were bought by the Regent’s company in 1927, becoming known as the Grand Union Canal in 1929.The Regent’s Canal never went away – its still here today!

Little Venice fully owes its existence to the Regent’s so the banner is historically inaccurate. Let’s say Little Venice, Regent’s & Grand Union Canals is more accurate.