DSC 0440 - The new Tate Modern - Roof views

The new Tate Modern extension opened on 17th June 2016 and the view from the 10th floor of its Switch House are excellent, one of the best vantage points in London! I visited the viewing platform in the evening of 19 June however the viewing conditions were fair to poor.
Most of London’s famous buildings can be seen, St Paul’s and the City are right in front on the north side of the river, the Telcom Tower and Centre Point to the west with the Shard, the Tower and Canary Wharf to the east.
DSC 0456 - The new Tate Modern - Roof views
Alas Tower Bridge can only be partially seen whilst the Houses of Parliament suffers the same fate, excepting the partially visible Victoria Tower. St Pancras Station and it’s famous clock only just make the grade.
Update 23rd June 2015: On a second visit to the Switch House, it was found the Big Ben tower and it’s famous clock can be seen, yet easily missed because there is a very small gap in which the clock tower appears:
IMG 6574 - The new Tate Modern - Roof views
DSC 0464 - The new Tate Modern - Roof views
A lot of places one would think cant be seen are very visible! These include the Hilton Hotel, Hyde Park Barracks (which one can use to place Hyde Park) The Queen’s Tower, St Bride’s Church, the Royal Courts of Justice, Senate House, Wembley Stadium, St Luke’s Church in Old Street. The Royal Parks are hidden except part of Regent’s Park and the tree tops at St James’s Park.
DSC 0440 - The new Tate Modern - Roof views
Views of the Shard are excellent. Both Hampstead Heath & North Downs provide a backdrop to either side of the panorama.
Visibility range has to be more than 30 miles when optimal weather conditions arise.
DSC 0619 - The new Tate Modern - Roof views

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Alec Latham

Wow. That last image especially is glorious. The London skyline is looking more and more like the cover of an Isaac Asimov novel – more futuristic than the future! Great blog. Keep it up!


Thanks! Its great up there! One of the best days I have had the first time up went up. Have been up again this week 🙂